?Como se llama, llama?

Whether or not you want to know his or her name, every animal on our farm has one! And  we have an odd assortment of  “how they got their name” circumstances.  Through the years, our family has grown in number and species. We have loved each and every new addition. (Well, maybe not EVERY new addition, but I’ll never say that out loud and let it get back to them! hee, hee)

They all require attention, commitment, and dedication. I guess you can call that love, because most of the time we do it without a second thought; it is second nature to us now.

But, then there are those freezing “arctic vortex” winter nights, when I can’t sleep, because all I do is worry until dawn. They have their food, shelter, (and the horses even have their blankets on), and although I visit them every few hours throughout the night… I still worry.  It’s during those times, that I envy the sheep. They seem to embrace the cold!! They look like big “Hostess Snowballs” nestled down in the snow rather than in their straw and hay-bedded shelter.

The llamas seem to have it the roughest no matter what season and that’s when it’s most obvious that they are “exotic” to this region. Our climate in Kentucky is certainly no match for the Andes Mountain and yet, I selfishly can’t imagine the farm without them.

So, ?Como se llama? Well then, from Yerba, Stella, Strauna, Jenna, Viola, Mate, Fancy, Song, Dalai, Sera, Imax, Sweet Pea, Gracie, …..etc., etc.,….  We bid you good day!

“I’m in a Bit of a Jam!”

No matter how busy my schedule may be, or what other commitments I may have made, when the farm’s fruit is ready for harvest, everything else stops! The season of the different fruits (or in Italy we used to say, “Frutta di Stagione, and that meant seasonal fruit, usually for dessert) on the farm produces large yields from early spring to early fall.

With all this fruit, I make many things. But the favorite of family, friends, and customers is the delicious jams !

Strawberries, Blackberries, Peaches, Apples, and Pears all grow on the farm and all have their moment to be in the spotlight!

It just happens to now be our apple and pear harvest.

A favorite jam of mine is spiced pear. It combines the wonderfully mild taste of pear with a few strong holiday spices. The taste will leave you wishing for … another jar!

Whether your favorite jam is Strawberry, Blackberry, Peach, Apple, or Pear, there are always jars of Frutta di Stagione in the shop and waiting to go home with you!!