If you have a garden, then you know that right now the pumpkins are looking like….PUMPKINS! It’s so exciting to walk among the thick green, twisting vines and large lush leaves and capture a glimpse of your favorite pumpkin growing bigger every day!

Well, the same thing has been happening in the shop since mid-July! …well, sort of!  We have been creating pumpkins, and more pumpkins, and even more pumpkins, of all sizes.  A customer had even custom ordered an extremely large pumpkin and we just knew it would have won the State Fair Blue Ribbon, if it had been real!

Felting and creating  with beautiful colors of dyed sheep wool is so exciting; however, even more rewarding is knowing the creations will last for years!  The felted pumpkins themselves were adorable as just rounded shapes of orange colored wool. But when the green highlights, stems, vines, and leaves went on, they suddenly became magical for me and I expected my fairy godmother to appear at any moment and begin singing, ” Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo.”

This week at the shop we have quite a few private parties booked and one regularly scheduled class all taking place with the common theme: Pumpkin Felting!! I am looking forward to watching  camaraderie ignited, memories made, and treasured pumpkins taken home.

Creativity Week is Here!

While creativity is discussed and valued in Western society, it seems as though it is the first thing to get pushed aside by our busy schedules. It’s not uncommon to hear about people who made music until they had children, people who painted until they got a full time job, or people who designed until they went back to school.

Sometimes, even in spaces that should encourage creativity, it is not given priority status. In the last few weeks, this was case at HeartFelt Fleece & Fiber. With the Wool Festival, ARToberFest, the Kentucky Artisan Center, and an open house to prepare for – and lots and lots of wool to wash, pick, card, and felt – it seemed as though there wasn’t much time for brainstorming, designing, and innovating. There wasn’t much time for creativity.

That’s changing this week, a week I’d marked on the shop’s calendar one month ago. We’ve named this week “Creativity Week,” and Mom and I are celebrating by allowing ourselves to create only things we’ve never made before. I’ve been working on new felted ornaments, jewelry, and wall hangings, and, before the week’s out, I’m hoping to try my hand at dyeing. Mom is creating a line of products using felted wool fabric.DSCF5304

To kick off Creativity Week, we had our first felted wall hanging class on Saturday, when community members recreated Vincent Van Gogh’s The Starry Night with felt. It was so interesting to see how they interpreted a famous piece of art, how they brought it to life in a new medium.

Four days into Creativity Week, I love how exciting this week has been, how each day has brought new challenges to solve. I have sincerely enjoyed focusing on creativity for creativity’s sake. Because we’re having so much fun, I’d love to encourage you to make some time for creativity in your week. If you do, be sure to let us know what you create!