“Do YOU like my hat?”

I fwool hatselt a connection this past week with Dr. Seuss’s character in “Go, Dog, Go” when I took a large collection of my wool felted hats down to the Kentucky Artisan Center in Berea.

It was a scorching hot day in July when I decided to get a jump start on the winter season and begin felting my wool hats. Each hat takes a few hours to make, but I thought I would take my time; just a hat each evening when the farm work was done.

You can imagine my surprise when with just five hats done, Berea called and asked for a selection of them.  I began felting, and felting, and felting!…did I mention FELTING!?

Some with bows; some were plain. Some were blue; some color of grain!

wool hats 2Finally, I had what I thought was a nice selection of colors and styles. So, I wrapped each hat in tissue and loaded them into the truck.

It was a HOT August day and I was certain that even though tourist season was in full swing, the thought of anyone purchasing a wool hat for mid-winter seemed a bit far fetched.

I carried boxes and baskets with the wool hats and the felting kits (more about them later) into the Artisan Center and met with the buyers…

…minutes later, I was on my way out the door. Baskets and boxes were empty!

So, I simply ask again, “Do YOU like my hat?”  The answer was obviously, “YES!”