“I’m in a Bit of a Jam!”

No matter how busy my schedule may be, or what other commitments I may have made, when the farm’s fruit is ready for harvest, everything else stops! The season of the different fruits (or in Italy we used to say, “Frutta di Stagione, and that meant seasonal fruit, usually for dessert) on the farm produces large yields from early spring to early fall.

With all this fruit, I make many things. But the favorite of family, friends, and customers is the delicious jams !

Strawberries, Blackberries, Peaches, Apples, and Pears all grow on the farm and all have their moment to be in the spotlight!

It just happens to now be our apple and pear harvest.

A favorite jam of mine is spiced pear. It combines the wonderfully mild taste of pear with a few strong holiday spices. The taste will leave you wishing for … another jar!

Whether your favorite jam is Strawberry, Blackberry, Peach, Apple, or Pear, there are always jars of Frutta di Stagione in the shop and waiting to go home with you!!


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